The Long Voice: Dr. Wiley's Construct-Episode 3



1890s New Atlanta. When the unthinkable happens, Agent Cooper Lloyd reluctantly makes a strategic decision; he volunteers to help America, Dr. Wiley’s Construct.

Unknown to her, the offer is the agent’s best shot at completing his own mission—deliver the Construct to the government. She knows this human, like all his brethren, is capable of deception and violence. Trusting humans is dangerous; the triggering of her Ebrane finds America considering options based not only on logic but also on intuition.

They join forces in pursuit of a deadly enemy. Will vengeance be the bond between Construct and human? Is this the beginning of a new alliance between human and Construct or the ultimate betrayal?


“The Long Voice” is the third short installment in the series, Dr. Wiley’s Construct. The connecting episodes take place in an alternate history with strong steampunk aspects. 

America: Dr. Wiley's Construct-Episode 1 - Amazon Review.


Patricia S

5.0 out of 5 stars Part of a serial - awesome so far!

Reviewed in the United States on November 5, 2020

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This book is short - super-short. :-) However, there was plenty of warning about that when I went in, and I went in anyway, so that's enough whining about it being short! I loved the slightly off-kilter aspect of the characters and events in the novel. Like all good alternative history, things seem utterly familiar - and not. It feels like the US during the late 19th century - but doesn't. Things appear to be picking up in medias res, but then it sounds like a brand new story. The non-linear composition of this means the reader has to work for characters and actions to coalesce in their minds, but when they do ... WOW! The relationship of Constructs to humans (and more vice-versa) is well worth the wait! I'm eagerly looking forward to Book #2!