Works in progress

Nadia and Tesla-A Wilder Tale 


by MooBot

A Middle Grade Adventure

“I thought turning 11 would be different. The big day is here, and everything is the same in the worst way. I’m in trouble at school, again. And my mom forgot my birthday. Again.


No big party plans, since I'm less than amazing at the whole "making friends" thing. Like today, I saved the meanest kid in sixth grade from drinking snail milk. Happy ending for the gastropod, school suspension for me. 

But it's not all bad. How many kids have Tesla, a robot friend, custom created by their genius mom? Tesla fits in my backpack. He can’t really talk yet. My mom says he's a work in progress, kind of like me.

So, pretty much a normal birthday, until I fell through an inter-dimensional vortex with a green, winged alien. That's different.

If I’d known it was going to be my last night on Earth, I would've packed clean underpants."



A View to Die For,  A Radiance Beach Paranormal Series 

by Kizzy Michaels