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Spring 2021: The new bio
I remain in search of adventures,
Jackson Wilder


Addendum 1: Almost winter

I stopped by to surprise the editors. They were out to lunch, figuratively and literally; thoughtfully, they left a note. 
It read: We are still waiting for a "fascinating" bio from you.


My answer: Written on parchment with a fountain pen.

Disheartened scarcely conveys my reaction to your tome. Sadly, upon reading your voluminous Post-it note, I concluded the thorough bio I sought to deliver will not do. The expectation of a "fascinating" bio left me no choice. Hence, I set forth on a quest to live a life of intrigue, passion, and thrills, thus sparing you the mundane biography I diligently penned. A new bio recounting my incredible adventure(s) is forthcoming. The detail and length dictated by the number of riveting escapades possible in the brief span between now and the publication of the third episode.


In pursuit of adventures,
Jackson Wilder

What came before: Autumn

People fascinate me and infuriate me. Apparently, I infuriate some people as well. Case in point: the following bio from my editors. Jackson Wilder was last reported earthbound… we are still waiting word of his arrival. He habitually disappears without leaving contact information. Certainly, before we publish the second episode, he will remember to check in or at least provide a semblance of a bio.

About my bio, I am working on it…